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Next Gen Crypto Currencies Trading

Coinmaster presents trading tools for those wishing to conduct business using next generation cryptos
like Mastercoin, Bitshares and XCP.
Offering an easy to use platform, featuring long and short positions, limit orders, and put and call options.

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State of the Art Security

Coinmaster presents trading tools for those wishing to conduct business using next generation cryptos like Mastercoin.

We keep your sensitive information safe

Up to 90% of customer funds is held in cold storage to limit your risk and give you peace of mind. We use an air gap to keep sensitive data safe from the internet. Wallets and private keys are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption. Our website traffic is entirely encrypted by SSL (https:). Passwords are hashed as an added measure.

We are Always On, Always Open and your data is Always Available

Our data is split, copied, and redundantly stored on AES-256 encrypted USB hard drives. We distribute copies of our data via encrypted the drives to safety deposit boxes and vaults around the world. We rely on 24/7 DDOS protection to keep our website available at all times through load balancing.

We maintain the consistency of your data in storage

We check our data and choose our storage media carefully to maintain data quality and consistency

We require two-factor authentication

We require two-factor authentication on all customer accounts.

Our Team

We are structuring the project to reflect our vision: an autonomous transparent entity owned by its users. We are
working to build the necessary infrastructure to allow the distribution of our crypto shares to the public.

Coinmaster is crafted with love by our dedicated team:

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As the core team behind Coinmaster, our focus is on developing and maintaining the code and support our clients. At this point of time we prefer to preserve our privacy, as we want this project to be more about the products, the services and their own merits, then us.

We deeply believe that open source and open standards are the foundation of this next Internet revolution, and we hope to collaborate broadly with the developers and companies around the world that are embracing these new technologies and standards.